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9.17.2009 | |

75P 2004
The machine is an iron construction on which a small rotating iron disk is mounted. Onto this rotating disk, small drops of hot wax are poured. The rotating disk swirls the drops creating a shape on the floor. The rotating disk is 15 centimetres in diameter and placed 80 cm above the floor. With these measurements, the drops will create a shape of approximately 1 m in diameter. After a few days, the wax will have created a thin cone-shaped shell.

114L 2006
The installation consists of a machine, which melts glue into thin threads. The threads are blown onto open structures of aluminium and thereby create a number of almost identical objects. The structures are attached to the machine one at a time, and as they are rotated they are entangled with thin strings of fluid yellow glue, which closes the open structures over time. After ca. 5 days of entanglement the object will be placed on the floor next to the machine. The dimensions of the installation vary as more objects are produced.

The device consists of a container for citric acid, which is connected to a jet from where acid drops to the marble rock. As the acid hits the stone a mark slowly corrodes the surface. The mark expands over time.