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4.03.2009 | |

Jet is a form of fossilized wood similar to coal, but harder. As a black stone, it relates to the first chakra, the center that connects us to earth energy. The first chakra is connected to survival, trust in the physical world, and in one's own body.

When we're not in a state of trust, we may be in a condition of fear or depression. Fear says, "Something bad is going to happen." Depression says, "It happens all the time, and I expect it." (I suspect when the highly charged feelings of fear become unbearable, they get worn down into depression tinged with resignation.)

We can use jet to treat both conditions. In terms of depression and fear, the light weight of this stone serves to remind us to lighten up ourselves.

Jet and amber have a close relationship, both mineralogically and energetically. They both come from trees, amber being fossilized tree resin. As with amber, when one thinks about jet, it's helpful to visualize a tree, rooted in the earth, reaching for the sky. Trees serve as bridges between the physical and the spiritual realms, amber representing the flow, jet symbolizing the vessel for this flow.