aneta grzeszykowska & jan smaga ______________

4.29.2009 | |

"Plan" by Aneta Grzeszykowska and Jan Smaga, consists of 10 photographic compositions which are an extremely detailed representations of 10 private apartments. All of them were photographed as if the ceilings were taken off. Such an unusual effect was achieved through the use of a special technique: the overall picture of a room is an aggregate of dozens fragmentary photographs taken from above, and then merged using a computer. This gives the impression as if a scanner moved over the apartments - there are neither deformations nor blurred fragments, the precision of the image is dazzling and the possibility to enlarge it is practically unlimited. Due to its laborious nature, the project took 2 years to complete.

"Plan" is an attempt to see everything at once in someone's apartment, without selecting or evaluating, an absolute X-ray of privacy. It is a gaze of the Big Brother, who peeps into homes like playhouses, excited with the fact how all the toys are precisely made. At the same time, it is a perfect sociological documentation of how an individual organizes his or her own immediate environment. -