3.12.2009 | |

The new album, "Junior" is out.  You can preview it here: http://royksopp.com/music/junior.

“We were in a much better state of mind this time around than we were when making the last album [2005’s The Understanding] and that’s definitely reflected in the music,” he says. “The Understanding almost drowned in this feeling of yearning and longing, so this time around we wanted to produce something that was much more energetic and youthful.”

Although the album sticks to this remit, from the endearingly silly 'The Girl And The Robot' to the overly dramatic 'Röyksopp Forever', Berge admits that 
Junior is literally only half the story. Later this year – presumably when their newfound happiness has subsided – the pair plan to release a companion album entitled Senior, which promises to be a much darker and introspective collection." -[DazedDigital]

I like this mix of their first single: