Eiko Ishizawa-----------------------------------------

3.12.2009 | |

The true story of the bear in Alps: He was a great brown bear in Alps, and people were scared that he was so powerful moving mountain to mountain in such a short time. In the end, after the long battle of chasing period with hunters, he was hunted down.
Based on this story, I make a fictionalized version of this bear in our society as a sleeping bag of a wander bear. The longing for the ideal place and wishes makes animal wandering around and not settled down.
You can dream there for your wish comfortably and feel being protected by the look of scary great bear. Wishes to feel life and free and go to the nature to survive from this systemized culture and modern society, you can take this sleeping bag and sleep as a wander bear out there.
In the other hand, it creates the other side of experience as the person who find this great bear somewhere in everyday life. The fear and curiosity to come across to such a monster are hopefully created.
In the same time, this bear sleeping bag is the metaphor of the changing the positions between being eaten by the bear, being a bear, who killed a bear and wearing a bear skin, or who see it and wants to hunt the bear.
By using the functionality of sleeping bag this won`t be neither a costume nor the theatre. This will be the starting point to realize the fictionalized reality in real to fantasize and leave the question to people. -
Eiko Ishizawa