maximlian hecker

2.19.2009 | |

I've put these videos of Maximilian Hecker songs in chronocological order per their albums.. Some are not official, but the songs are so great I am including them anyways. I've been listening to his music since his first album came out in '01, and the situation is still that he is under-promoted. His most recent album,"One Day" was only released in Asia. To his fans his music is a treasure and I think their devotion makes up for the lack of media attention. I think it's worth it to listen to all of these

From Infinite Love Songs:

Maximilian Hecker - Polyester

Maximilian Hecker - Infinite Love Song

Maximilian Hecker - Sunburnt Days

From Rose:

Maximilian Hecker - Fool

Maximilian Hecker - Daylight

Maximilian Hecker - Kate Moss

Maximilian Hecker - Never ending days

From From Lady Sleep:

Maximilian Hecker - Help Me

Maximilian Hecker- Dying (morbid/emo fan-made video)

From I'll Be a Virgin, I'll Be a Mountain:

Maximilian Hecker- Silly Lily, Funny Bunny

Maximilian Hecker- I'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain

From Once I Was (covers album):

Maximilian Hecker- Homesick (Kings of Convenience)

From One Day:

Maximlian Hecker- Same Space That You're In

Maximilian Hecker - "Wind Down"

Karaoke, Taipei (TW)