The astral plane for late at night, The astral plane or I'd go insane

2.09.2009 | |

Have been reading about creation through harnessing your energy, and it reminded me of Findhorn Garden, where they do it on a daily basis....

Findhorn Garden started in 1962 as a self-sustaining project in an area of Scotland with rocky and unfit land. One of the three founders, Eileen Caddy, began intuitively contacting specific plant devas and fairies who gave her instructions on nurturing the nutrient deficient soil and plants, and also gave her blueprints to the architecture of specific plants and objects. She would meditate on these instructions and a magnificent garden grew to the amazement of botanists and horticultural experts. Today the garden exists on a larger scale as a garden and eco village and is known as the Findhorn Foundation.They host affordable workshops and programs, focusing on meditation, cooperative living, and retreats that include working the garden and land. I say affordable, because it is after the cost of flying to the UK. 

They have books your acn buy. I remember reading more about Eileen Caddy's process online, but can't find it.  


Findhorn Foundation Website

Information on "Co-creation with Nature" (Communicating with elemmental beings, etc.)

Photos of Findhorn