1.16.2009 | |

Today I read about the controversy surrounding this Czech art piece called Entropa... It depicts Euro stereotypes, in an attempted demonstration of anti-censorhip in the Czech Republic.
"Romania is shown as a Dracula theme park; Spain is merely a slab of concrete, in reference to its recently burst real-estate bubble; Holland is shown as being flooded over with only a few minarets poking out above the waves; Luxembourg is a gold nugget with a huge "For Sale" sign sticking out of it; and France is covered with a large sign reading "strike," an allusion to that country's frequent labor battles...Sweden is depicted by an IKEA cardboard box and Belgium is a box of chocolates, both references to popular exports from those countries."

UK is absent, in Poland priests erect gay pride flags, Italy is full of footballers and Bulgaria is a Turkish toilet... Oh and one looks like lardo?

Apparently the artist had mislead the Czech Republic into thinking they had commissioned a piece by 28 different artists to represent Europe, and now they are having to apologize to Bulgaria who's totes pissed.