1.28.2009 | |

man even though someone eating half your jar of nice quality mustard, the day after you bought it, is incensing-or your roommates using anything you really wanted to use is emotionally involving until your'e sated-... notes about it just make you seem like such an uptight son of a bitch:

i recently discovered http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com/ and reading the notes is a pretty good lesson in patience and kindness. a simple "hey guys...please dont eat my mustard like that" seems ineffective, and thats why people write these tedious notes. but a larger lesson in chilling the fuck out can be self-administered by objectively viewing what it means to hold onto your possessions and alienate people with being particular. i quit notes altogether, the last one being last summer to my room mate about not peeing on the bathroom floor when drunk (he claims he didn't, i find it amusing enough to maintain that he did). my reaction to people's paranoia and possesiveness is usually a silent belief that they really just need to smoke weed, and live on a farm. but really what changes people is having a maleable point of view, that when a lesson in life comes up they are set up to go with it and change.