1.12.2009 | |

I think that Anne Coulter has some gender role issues.
I can't help thinking that she resents being female and therefore attacks women's role in society. Maybe she hates women because she hates being a woman. And since she is stuck being female, she's gonna try to win her hate-filled arguments utilizing the only feminine quality she sees worth exploiting: sex appeal. She makes an apparent effort to cougar-up her bland looks with her long blonde hair and black cocktail dresses, while never exhibiting qualities that are inherently feminine such as compassion, grace, or wisdom. Sort of like trying to pwn the boardroom with your power suit or something. But she's got a vag, which is a unique/unusual posession in the conservative pundit sphere, so might as well put it on display for exploitation/intimidation.
She doesn't dress like a corndog slut because she is channeling her femininity or values it, but rather because she thinks it is a winning move. She is a chauvinist and her connection to femininity is transparent. What!

Also she might be gay but her grasp on conservative beliefs keep her from accepting it. That's not far-fetched- she's a total homophobe. So that's def a potential source of her anger towards/resentment of female-bodied individuals.

In the above clip and in her new book she judges single mothers as being "selfish" for having a child without a father. What a layer cake of crazy. And I think she is not only refering to women who have chosen to use donor sperm, but to all single mothers in this country. Woah-down:
1. It is impossible to have a child without a father. Thanks, LIFE, for that nugget.
2. Straight males fuck off. They indeed do abandon family situations. Where do they go? Who knows, off somewhere to lick the wounds they've suffered by their "selfish" baby mammas. We all know the fathers are the victims in this situation, huh?!
3. Though neglectful mothers exist, most of the time women rise to the occasion and provide for their children.

All of that's pretty plain as day. But not to Coulter, because her goal is to demonize women.