end of days, again

1.28.2009 | |

America's Most Correct Internet Conspiracy Theorist Calls Next Market Crash:


Also Tatez  linked me to this redonk question as i was reading the above "article":

Aaron Miller (Big State Funnies) has some words for the children on our doooooooom:

"Read up on the "stimulus" legislation just passed(almost a Trillion in GOVT. spending)...even if you suspend disbelief long enough to ignore the fact that the FEDERAL RESERVE allows the TREASURY to print money out of thin air to "stimulate"(translation:

devalue currency) our devastated economy:

Money only revives a failing economy if it comes in the form of private capital(real money or assets earned and spent by consumers) pumped into a PRODUCTION based economy-Not FEDERAL dollars,printed up just for the occasion,pumped into a SERVICE based economy with an almost double digit unemployment rate.

This will be a mirror image of the Roaring 20's ride into the Great Depression. You cannot spend your way out of a Recession without real Value behind the currency.

Barack is my Nuh an' all...but he won't be able to stop it. He will just make it look pretty, sound good and ,hopefully,not hurt so bad.